Posted on Dec 21, 2017
The Pacesetter District Governor, Rotary International, District 9110, Nigeria, Rotarian Dr. Adewale Ogunbadejo has urged Nigerians to emulate Rotary International- a system which is void of tribalism, racism, gender, socio-economic differences and generational barriers.
DG Ogunbadejo made the statement while delivering his keynote address at the colloquium which also served as a birthday celebration organised in honour of Past President, Rotary Club of Ewutuntun, Rotarian Dr. Oloyede Femi on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at the Rotary Centre in Ikeja.
The Governor, in his summarized overview of the topic for the day- ‘Generational Gaps and the Attainment of the National Goal: A Collective Responsibility’, defined the word “generational” as relationships between different generations of human beings or the differences noted in terms of general behaviour between one cohort and the other.
According to him, “My own idea on the table is that Nigeria especially, should look at Rotary just like we were asked in the scriptures to go and ‘watch the ants you sluggards and see how they collaborate to ensure collective good and happiness."
According to the DG, “In Rotary, we have the Interactors which are the teen- arm of rotary (12- 18 years) and the essence is to catch them young towards imparting in them values that will help to ensure that they grow up to be responsible, selfless volunteers in future.

“We also have Rotaractors and these are young teenagers and adults who are further taken up by Rotarians to be mentored and thought how to implement service projects in communities and their institutions for those in institutions. These are all towards ensuring our survival in future.”
DG Ogunbadejo further explained that “we have Rotarians who are the adult males and females that have decided to live their lives solely in the service of others. High ethical standards in businesses and professions and the advancement of world understanding, goodwill and peace are also our goals. We serve without counting costs or expecting anything in return. 
“When we are together, we are brothers and sisters, no tribe, no race, no gender differences, no generational barriers and no socio-economic differences”, DG Ogunbadejo said, noting that “it’s usually a first name basis in order to break all barriers but because we are Africans with so much respect for elders, we do not totally practise that here”.
Speaking further on how Rotary operates, the DG said, “Each year, in each Interact, Rotaract and Rotary club, power changes hands and nothing can change that. No matter how well you performed, you must leave the headship after one year, including the international president. Once we meet each other, we are friends and stand by each other.
“Our four way test of the things we think, say or do, guides us in all our endeavours. We believe if we therefore have more Nigerian teenagers as Interactors, our youths as Rotaractors and many of us in this gathering as Rotarians, our leadership problem and the attendant corruption will gradually disappear”, he added. 
According to the Governor, “We need a critical core of like minds before this can be possible. The generational gaps thus becomes advantages as we pass deep values to our upcoming leaders, gradually which assures of both a great present and a future that we can all look forwards to. 
“In concluding ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank all those who have worked at making today possible, to congratulate my dear Rotarian brother and medical colleague, the celebrant who is not just a medical practitioner but also a PhD degree holder. Long may you live, in good health, profound peace, prosperity and self-fulfilment.”
Also present at the colloquium was wife of the celebrant, Mrs. Oloyede, the Immediate Past District Governor, Rotarian Patrick Ikheloa, the guest speaker, Professor Rev. Dapo Folorunso Asaju, and some other guests and Rotarians.