Message from District Governor Rotarian Dr. Wale Ogunbadejo

My Dear Rotarians, 
My fellow servants in the vineyard of The Almighty, they who have decided voluntarily to dedicate their lives to serving others without counting costs nor expecting any returns. 
I rejoice with you and rejoice with myself for being counted worthy to witness today and the beginning of this epochal year in Rotary activities. 
We therefore must give all Thanks and Honour to The Most High who has in His Love and Mercy preserve our lives, for it’s not our doing but out of His Omniscience and Omnipotence.
The First year in the second century of service of The Rotary Foundation starts today. The race has started. The beginning and the end merges into each other. 
Countless manhours of brain-storming and financial resources has gone into the formation of our plans and the goals to be achieved this Rotary year.
The Incoming Rotary International  President, Ian Riseley has enunciated his main strategic priorities to be :
  • Support and Strengthen Clubs
  • Increase Humanitarian Service
  • Enhance Rotary’s  Public image and Awareness.
As sub-themes, he also wants us to devote our energies to Peace and Conflict prevention and Resolution and the preservation and sustenance of Planet Earth through the symbolic planting of at least one tree  by each Rotarian between 1st July 2017 and April 22nd 2018.
Our District goals are in alignment with President Riseley’s goals with a lot of emphasis on Membership improvement, Polio plus activities and Donation, very ambitious Rotary Foundation- Giving Goal and greatly-enhanced Public image activities.
Realizing the significance of this year, we have decided to adopt the sobriquet "PACE SETTERS." We wish to set the pace for the second century of service of The Rotary Foundation in our District and the world.
We have resolved and promised to move from "Rotary Serving Humanity" to "ROTARY MAKING A DIFFERENCE" in everything that concerns Humanity.
The fulfilment of this promise depends on all of us. The kind of difference we shall make at our clubs depends on the activities we decide to carry out.
Our ability to impact positively on our communities depends on how much we decide to do for them based on their needs. As Paul Harris said, "No matter what Rotary may mean to us, to others, it’s the impact of what we do to our communities, that matters."
A club that can die without the community missing its absence was never a Rotary club in the first place or a club that has no impact on its community is a mere social club.
My Fellow Rotarians, our work is cut out for us, and as we know "we human Beings are in this Creation to find supreme happiness which can only be found in Joyful activities." 
What is more joyful than serving Humanity thus serving our Creator?
I enjoin you and also humbly request for your support in prayers, advice, suggestions, financial contribution  and in playing  your part at your clubs.
Rotary connects with and impact communities at the clubs and not at the District. 
Working together in Love and harmony and with His Grace on all our activities, we shall Make The Difference in our communities and in doing that, we too shall be ennobled and achieve the supreme happiness we seek.
In concluding, I welcome you all to our year of service, the year when we are all urged to use Rotary in "Making a Difference" to the world.
Thanks so much Ladies and Gentlemen.
Rotn [Dr] Wale Ogunbadejo
District Governor
RI District 9110- Nigeria
2017 - 2018