Posted on Aug 20, 2017

Rotary Clubs in Rotary International District 9110, comprising Lagos and Ogun State, will constantly visit and make contributions to the Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice where needed, the District Governor, Rotarian Dr Wale Ogunbadejo, has assured.

The District Governor, who is also a medical doctor, was on a visit to the hospice with members of the Rotary Club of Surulere South during his official visit to the club.

The Hearts of Gold children's hospice is a home for children who have special needs ranging from cerebral palsy to other life-threatening diseases. These are children who have been dumped or abandoned by their parents who were probably not able to cope due to one reason or the other.

Members of Rotary club of Surulere South together with the District Governor 9110, donated food items, disposable diapers among others to the children in the home.

Dr Ogunbadejo who  went round the wards visiting these children with special needs commended the care givers for their time and dedication towards the welfare of the children, saying the care they gave is similar to Rotary’s vision.

“I thank you all for your work here and I commend all your efforts. I strongly believe it is only God who can reward you for your hard work and dedication towards these children because it cannot be easy. It is only because you are dedicated to the well-being and plight of these children that you remain here and not because of how much or how little your salary is”, the District Governor said to them.

He also assured the organisation that “Rotary will make it a duty to visit the home from time to time and make contributions were needed."

During the club meeting, the District Governor told members of the club that they have to do more about membership so the club will not die.

According to him, “membership is key. And in Rotary, it is only when you have more members in a club that your club becomes vibrant and new people are happy to be a part of you. If I walk into a club and see just 6-8 members, I will not be encouraged to return back to that club in fellowship.”

“Having more members in a club also takes the financial strain off your shoulders because when you have more members paying towards a project, the burden becomes lighter for everybody in the club.”

The District Governor also explained that “Rotary has made it easy for us to scout for new members in our communities with the classification survey but still yet a lot of clubs do not use it. The classification survey is meant to help the club go into communities to partner with them, that way you will get to know the new members of the community and new organizations who just moved into the community.”