Dear Fellow Rotarians,
Together, we are setting in motion our global effort to help the world better understand who we are: people of action, driven by a desire to strengthen communities, mobilize problem solvers, and find solutions to the tough challenges that affect people around the world.
Starting now, you can visit the Brand Center to download new People of Action templates for social media posts and print ads. You can also download the video public service announcements that debuted at the Atlanta convention, as well as guidelines and tips on using the campaign. Use all of these to tell your own stories about how your club and district are taking action and bringing leaders together to make an impact in your community. 
We are very proud of this new campaign and the opportunity it gives us to tell a consistent, compelling story about what makes Rotarians people of action. In the coming months, we’ll add more resources to the Brand Center. We hope that you take advantage of these materials, because they’ll help you to get the full benefit of the campaign by promoting both your club and Rotary in your community. Join us and bring the People of Action campaign to life by visiting the Brand Center today. The more we build awareness of Rotary, the easier it will be to make an impact in our communities right across the world.
Ian Riseley
President, Rotary International