Posted by Ify Ejezie on Sep 01, 2023
Fellow Rotarian,

Two months already gone!

From the blast of the whistle on July 1st till date, it has been success stories all the way, particularly during the month of August.

I wish to appreciate Clubs that paid their full District dues promptly and also paid the semi annual dues to Rotary international. If you are yet to pay your dues, kindly do so before the cut off date of September 18th as this is the first step towards winning a Presidential CITATION.  

May I also use this medium to appreciate clubs for your generous donations to our DEWEF



Visits to Clubs continued to be as effective as it should be and for the month of August a total of 21 Clubs were visited; making it a total of 34 Clubs visited till date. The Clubs visited are very effective and carrying out impactful projects in their communities, most of the Clubs’ continued projects in the area of child and maternal health, and generally in all areas of focus.

I wish to appreciate all the clubs so far visited for the wonderful reception accorded us and to also congratulatethem for the impactful projects so far done, and plead that these projects and achievements be updated on the Rotary Club Central continually.

In the same vein, I thank Clubs who have taken the issues of Public Image seriously and given their projects and investiture ceremonies the desired publicity. It is in doing this that we can tell our stories and showcase to the whole world the goodness of Rotary.



The Membership Seminar held on Wednesday, 9th August, 2023, in Abeokuta despite the heavy downpour was a huge success with over 188 persons physically present and about 64 Rotarians attending virtually. No doubts Rotarians left satisfied as the array of facilitators assembled by the District Learning Committee make it worth the while for them.

Clubs followed up this seminar with series of membership talks across the Districts like never before, No doubt, it’s been a very busy month for our District leaders and resource persons. I thank you all for your selfless services.

I also had the privilege of personally inducting a total of about 25 Rotarians across the Clubs visited. As at the end of August we had a total of Sixty-Six (66) new inductees reported through Rotary Club Central. Therefore, I plead with our Club Presidents to report and update their membership status with Rotary International as soon as induction ceremonies are concluded.

I have no doubt that the Clubs are poised to ensure that as a District, we deliver on the 20% minimum membership growth for the Rotary year. 



The exchange rate scare continued during the month of August. But despite the challenges, your resilience and continued act of giving as shown during my visits is quite exceptional and I pray that God blesses you more abundantly.

You did not just commit or pledge your support but you actually made transfers and on the spot payments to The Rotary Foundation accounts to show solidarity of purpose 

Many Major Donors have been made from different Clubs and many more continued to pay to become Paul Harris Fellows and /or advance to the next level. It is also worthy of note, that the AKS members and Endowment gifts were not left out as they equally did their bits accordingly.

So far, a total of $90,465.16 was contributed to The Rotary Foundation during the month of August.

The enthusiasm exhibited by Rotarians during my Club visits, left me with no doubt, that our District will achieve the set target of $1.2m as contribution/donations to The Rotary Foundation during the year.

I sincerely appreciate all the Rotarians that have donated and those that made pledges to The Rotary Foundation, while urging the rest of us to not relent in our giving efforts or be deterred as the best is yet to come.



During the month of August, Rotary Clubs continued to deliver impactful projects across all the 7 areas of focus and these projects continued to attract commendations from Lagos to Ogun States and all around. From the excitement and tears of joy on the faces of the beneficiaries, I can say confidently that our Clubs are doing very well.

I will advise further that such laudable projects should be uploaded on the Rotary Showcase on My Rotary Portal and adequate publicity made in the public space. I wish to equally re-iterate further that as we do the projects, we should ensure our projects cover all the 7 areas of focus to win the presidential citation.



More committees were inaugurated in the month of August and they have since commenced with their plans for the Rotary year.

Rotary Sports Festival Committee (ROSFEST), the first of its kind in our District was also inaugurated and saddled with the responsibilities of organizing an inter Club Sports festivities across the Districts with the final Sports Festival coming up between March 8 and 9, 2024. The committee will contact the Clubs as soon as possible to give more updates. Kindly avail them the desired support.



The First in the series of the planned DG Speaks for this Rotary year was held on Monday, 7th August, 2023. This is usually planned to be a virtual event but we were overwhelmed with Rotarians eagerness to join online, we had the online limit of 100 Rotarians and we had to quickly switch to YouTube to enable Rotarians connect with the ongoing discussions with me, the YouTube eventually accommodated over additional 35 Rotarians with the exception of those that gave up trying.

Let me apologize to those who could not join and assure them that we would do all we can before the next edition to increase the allowable number on our links and possibly make it a hybrid event to accommodate those that can drive to join me at the District office.

Kudos to all our Club Presidents and Its members for the over whelming publicity drive being undertaken at all levels. Our stories are all over the social media space, print media and Television stations. 

Please do not relent on your efforts, LET’S KEEP TELLING OUR COMPELLING STORIES AT ALL TIMES.

I am very proud of you all and Love you Loads!!




In company with the DGE and DGN of expected Districts 9111 and 9112, we received the President of the Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA), Dr Chinyere Anyaogu and her team member in Nigeria, at the District Office on Wednesday, 16th August, 2023. Principal among the discussion held with the team is a review of their last year mission and a review of the existing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 

The updated MOU, NOW REVIEWED to cover from 1stJuly, 2023 to 30th June, 2026 (3 Rotary years) will be ready for signature very soon.

Looking forward to more valuable and rewarding partnerships accordingly.



From my Club visits I could confirm that so many Rotary Clubs are doing well in Youth Services. I urge the Clubs to please make roasters for members to attend the meetings of their Rotaract and Interact Clubs.

Let me equally remind you of the upcoming hosting of all African Rotaract Summit this Rotary year in Lagos. It will come up between November 23-26. I ask for your support in making this a huge success.



As we begin the third month of the Rotary year, which is dedicated to Basic Education and Literacy. Let us strive to carry out impactful projects and publicize same with action pictures as much as possible. According to Herbert Spencer, “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action”.

I thank you as we continue to join hands to Create Hope in the World.


Rotarian Ifeyinwa Ejezie FCS, CRM

District Governor