Posted by Elizabeth Edozie on Mar 01, 2019
The month of March in Rotary calendar is designated as Water and Sanitation month.
This month offers Rotarians around the world the opportunity to get involved in projects that support investments in infrastructure and people in order to create measurable and enduring improvements in water, sanitation and hygiene.
In achieving the above, Rotary clubs and Rotarians execute projects that provide access to safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene conditions.
Also included are projects aimed at implementing sustainable water and sanitation systems.
In the course of this month, we celebrate the future of our Rotary organization as typified by our young adults - Our Rotaractors.
Rotaract is Rotary Club Partner in service delivery in our communities.
As we mark the Rotaract week this month of March, I salute Rotaractors’ unending commitment to serving humanity with great zeal and enthusiasm.
Across the various Rotary clubs, across the globe, Rotary - Rotaract Partnerships continue to help provide impactful projects that address the needs of our people and help solve a number of social causes that afflict mankind.
The partnership had come to stay and I look forward to welcoming more of our young adults that are committed to Rotary ideals, into the Rotary family.
This done, together we shall continue to Be The Inspiration for a united and better world where Rotarians leave a lasting impact in our communities and across the globe.
March 2019