By Rotarian Dr Wale Ogunbadejo,
District Governor,
Rotary International District 9110, Nigeria.
  • 1979 – Multi year 3-H Grant to immunize 6 million children in Phillipines was granted.
  • 1985 – Based on the success achieved in the Phillipines. Polio Plus was launched and was initially called Polio 2005.
  • 1988 – GPEI was formed with CDC, UNICEF and WHO. As at then Polio was endemic in 125 Countries and was affecting about 350,000 children yearly.
As at today, Polio is endemic in only three countries and affects less that 100 children yearly. We have achieved about 99.9% success so far. World Governments, Corporate organizations, individuals and other NGOs especially Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation later  joined the coalition over the years. Most of these collaboration occurred through Rotary’s advocacy.
As at 2015, Rotary has contributed more than $1.5B, lost some  volunteers while our advocacy has resulted in more than $9 Billion contribution from World Governments.
At the last Rotary International Convention in  Atlanta, the need for  $1.5B was raised and a pledge of $1.2B made by Rotary international, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation , other NGOs and Governments, including our Government. This is the End Game Pledge as our hope is the eradication of Polio within the next three years from the surface of the Earth.
Lagos and Ogun States which is our geographical jurisdiction out of 36 States of the Federation constitute  the economic backbone of Nigeria, despite the preponderant position of Petrochemicals in the Nigerian Financial situation.
These two states have enjoyed a long period of zero incidence of Polio which has led to complacency among the populace and even Rotarians but the incidence of August last year became a wake-up call and has jolted all of us to the reality of continued Advocacy, Physical participation in NIDs and SNIDs  and increased contribution to Polio Plus Fund.
In the past two years though, more Rotarians have returned to the field to help with immunization, more clubs have active Polio plus committees and because of our physical contiguity with the Polio Office, our District Polio Plus committee works closely with the NNPPC.
As a demonstration of our Total commitment to Polio eradication, 20% of our DDF has already been donated to The Polio Fund this year.
In order to motivate Rotarians, as part of the DG’s Assessment of clubs, contribution to Polio fund and participation in Polio activities will form part of the assessment.
The Most Active Rotarian in Polio Plus activities will also be identified and rewarded at the District Conference.
The need for Clubs to donate at least $1,500.00 to the Polio Fund this year and the next two Rotary years, in order for us to fulfil our $50M pledge, has been emphasized at club visits and various innovative ideas towards achieving this also offered.
On Sept 29th 2017, as part of an interactive meeting with Rotarians and also to celebrate my Birthday, A World Greatest Meal event will take place here  and we hope to raise a substantial amount towards polio eradication. I again plead for all Rotarians coming  for that event, to please remember to bring whatever they can afford as donation to this very worthy cause.
Other events towards fund-raising are being planned, including a football match, involving Two Major teams in our local league . We are working hard at this . Part of the income from our Annual Dance and Dinner Fund-raising event will also be dedicated to Polio Fund.
The eradication of  Polio in Nigeria and the whole World is a task that must be done and according to the End Game plan.
We thank you Mike and Carol for your dedication and selfless service to the cause of Polio eradication and all others who though far from areas where Polio is endemic but put their lives and funds on the line to help those few who are still on the war front.
We wish you journey mercies as you go through our Country and on your way back to your Country.
Thanks so much for your patience Ladies and Gentlemen.
*District Governor Wale Ogunbadejo delivered this presentation today at the Rotary International District 9110, Nigeria in Lagos, during the visit by Michael McGovern, Chair, International PolioPlus Committee (IPPC) & Carol Pandak, Director PolioPlus Division of Rotary International to the Nigeria National PolioPlus Committee (NNPC).
21ST AUGUST 2017