Posted by Remi Bello on Jan 01, 2022

Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?”

Since we are not ingrates, I say NONE of the bounties of our Lord will be denied by us. Let me start with a heart full of gratitude for His grace that has made us to witness this New Year 2022 as I say HAPPY NEW YEAR! This moment signals the beginning of the second half of our Change Maker Year.


I cannot but to thank each and every member of our organisation, Rotary International and in particularmembers of RI District 9110, for your support during the first half of the Rotary year.  I am pleased with our modest achievements as a District during the first half for the obvious reason that we are playing the District’s role as stated in Article 17.10.1 of RI Code of Policies dated August 2021.


This is what the article says: “A District is a group of clubs within a geographical boundary established by the Board.  The purpose of a District is to strengthen and support the clubs. Districts are not required to complete a particular service project or programme. (April 2018 Mtg. BD. Dec. 160)”


On this note, I am happy to say we have done what is expected of our District and majority of our clubs have been strengthened and supported in such a way that our agenda for the 2021- 22 Rotary Year in growing Rotary is not in any way challenged.  


However, the year is just half way gone, so we still have plenty of time to ‘BEAT THE CLOCK’ because we have so many of goals that have not been achieved.




The visit of Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta and his spouse, Rashi, to Nigeria between 2ndand 7th September, 2021 was hugely successful. OurDistrict Leaders and Rotarians received our august visitors on September 2 during the visit of the RI President and spouse.  


It was a high profile event that took the RI President, spouse and Rotary Leaders in Nigeria to visit President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.  I’m happy to report that it was a remarkablevisit. I cannot thank Rotarians enough for the support that contributed to the success of the visit. 



Rotarians, you know we designate each month for specific causes.  Our Clubs and District committees lived up to expectation in marking various activities. Indeed, we truly served to change lives.  


It has been a half year full of activities in which the District Governor was always invited but regrettably,due to time constraint, not many invitations werehonoured. But I am aware that our Change Maker Presidents and Committee Chairs appreciate myregular engagements with them.  


It is time for Clubs to put together half year reports in line with the Guidelines for Awards and Recognition for Clubs and individuals as released by the District.  I am very sure our clubs will prepare detailed reports of activities, upload goals achieved in the Rotary Club Central (RCC) for the half year to reflect how we have served and changed lives in our various communities.



A review of the expired District Strategic Plan has commenced, EREY promotion is still on going, unveiling of Hall of Fame where our past most outstanding presidents’ portraits are displayed, Zonal Multi-club Training Seminars were held at various zones and will continue, necessary instruments for operating District Economic and Empowerment Programme (DEEP) were worked on and the loans willbe granted in the month of January under the supervision of DEWEF.



We appreciate God for His grace that has kept those of us that are alive until this moment.  It is not because we are saints or special people with extraordinary talents and manners that He spared us from the cold hands of death either by Covid-19 that is ravaging our world or other forms of death.


Regrettably, some of our colleagues were not that lucky and passed on. They were with us this time last year but are no more today.  Our District 9110 lost sixRotarians including a Past District Governor, Rotarian Ezekiel Olalekan Ogundimu, in the last six months.  May I request we observe a minute silence for the repose of their souls whenever we read up to this point of this address.



We rounded up the first half year with the Districting Agenda when we sent out ballot to clubs for their votesto confirm their support or otherwise for the agenda.  Having attained the membership figure that has positioned us to pursue our agenda for splitting the District into two, it gladdens my heart that the responses of District Leaders, Rotarians and indeed our clubs have been very encouraging.  


I see us having a resounding YES vote for the splitting agenda.  Let me thank you in advance of a life time achievement in the history of Rotary International District 9110. I want to assure you that the confidence reposed in the District leadership will not be taken for granted and we shall deliver as mandated.



We shall use the second half of the year to consolidate the gains of the first half and start preparing ground for birthing the two new Districts (District 9111 and District 9112).  I want to specially recognise the role of the District Governor Elect, Rotarian Omotunde Lawson and the District Governor Nominee, Ifeyinwa Ejezie in the splitting agenda so far.



The Rotary Youth Leadership Academy will run between 7th  and 15th January, 2022 at NYSC Camp, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos. The theme for this year’s RYLA is ‘Youths Serving to Change Lives’.   Over 800 youths will be attending the academy to learn about leadership, citizenship, vocational activities amongstother activities.  

The Chairman of RYLA, Past President Dare Adeyerihas assured of a RYLA that would create a wholesome experience for the participants and other stakeholders like never before.  May I use this opportunity to request our leaders to join the committee to show our youths how to be great people in life.



This legacy project whereby clubs are expected to adopt public primary schools in their communities with a view to providing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) under TRF is on.  Clubs have started to show interest in the project and the issue of international partners is being sorted out.  The project is expected to be delivered in the next few months.



The Rotary Foundation (TRF) dinner will be held on Saturday 19th February, 2022.  A new concept is being introduced in our fund raising effort through TRF Fund Raising Dinner.  The event is meant to raise funds for TRF; therefore all tickets will be denominated in US Dollars.  Each ticket will be sold for a minimum of 100 USD which will go into individual Rotarian’s TRF account as against using income from ticket sales to run the dinner.  


The committee in charge under the leadership of PP Niyi Adelaja is fine tuning the workability of the new concept.



A dinner to raise funds for DEWEF and appreciate clubs and individuals who have significantly supported DEWEF will hold on 19th March, 2021.



As at the close of the first half of the Rotary Year in December 2021, a total of 84 Rotary Clubs have been visited by the DG. I hope to visit the remaining clubsbefore the end of February 2022. The club visits have been full of fun, in addition to being motivational, inspirational and knowledge sharing with ourselves.  I thank all the clubs that received me and my team and those that are looking forward to my visit this year.



Preparation for DISCON 2022 holding in Abeokuta, Ogun State from May 12 – 15, 2022 is gathering momentum.  The conference is the equivalent of an Annual General Meeting in the corporate world.  It is the gathering of Rotarians from our District and other Districts with RI President's Representative in attendance to give the President’s address.  


Motivational speakers have been invited to address participants while the House of Friendship on this occasion is very limited in number but with varieties of Rotary merchandise and opportunity to meet old and make new friends.  The closing dinner will beentertained by a first class musician still kept under wrap.



The Rotary International Convention is holding between 4th and 8th June, 2022 in Houston, Texas, USA.  The little set back we have is the reluctance of the American Embassy to entertain group visas processing.  Rotarians are encouraged to apply and confirm appointments on their own and process their entry visas.  


The On-To-Houston Convention Committee of the District under its Chairman, PAG Niyi Adesanya, isgoing ahead with the plan to receive the attendees at the Convention in Houston.  I want to assure all the attendees of special treatment as I will personally be on ground to welcome those who are able to make it to Houston in the company of the Committee Chairman.



We shall continue with the novel feedback mechanism from Rotarians through the ‘DG Speaks’ initiative by the District Public Image Committee Chaired by PP Michael Effiong James.  I want to thank those whohave participated in the past editions and implore others to seize the opportunity to be part of the running of our District by your questions and comments during the programme.  The first edition this New Year will hold on Thursday 6th January, 2022.   PP MichaelEffiong James will provide further information on the virtual meeting.


“Together we can, together we will”.

Let me end this address by thanking you, on behalf of myself and my wife, Nike, for your support to date and plead that the job is half done. The clock is still begging to be beaten; let us continue to Beat the Clockand be the confirmed ‘Change Makers’ as we ‘serve to change lives’.


Remi Bello, FCA


Rotary International District 9110