Posted on Jul 03, 2017

District Governor, Rotary District 9110, Nigeria, Rotarian Dr. Adewale Ogunbadejo, has paid his first official visit to Rotary Club of Ikeja Club in Lagos State. 
The DG who was on his first official visit to the Rotary Club of Ikeja Board Meeting on Sunday July 2, 2017, after he became DG on July 1, 2017, marking the beginning of the new Rotary year. 
The DG was received by President of Rotary Club of Ikeja, Rotarian Adeniyi Adelaja and past Presidents, Board Members and other members of the Club. 
DG Ogunbadejo while going through the Club's report commended them on the clarity and transparency of their report. 
The District Governor also commented on the reduction of membership of the Club and encouraged them to bring in new members as it is membership that ensures continuity of any Club. 
“If every member of Ikeja can bring one person in a year, then the club is bound to grow”, he said while also noticing the disparity in the number of membership between the age brackets of 40 and below. 
DG Ogunbadejo also advised Ikeja Club to encourage the younger generation to be a part of the Rotary International family. 
Responding to the District Governor’s observation, President of Rotary Club of Ikeja, Rotarian Adelaja stated that “Ikeja Rotary Club would rather have just 49 dedicated paying members than to have more members who would not be able to pay their dues”. 
Rotarian Adelaja further said that “it would be difficult to get young people into the Club because of the present economic situation as a lot of them do not have good paying jobs”.
The District Governor advised Rotary Club of Ikeja to promote gender equality by bringing in more women members after he observed that there are few numbers of women present in the Club.