Posted on Sep 20, 2017
It was all smiles on the faces of members of Rotary Club of Surulere North-East as they welcomed the District Governor, Rotarian Dr. Wale Ogunbadejo to their board meeting and induction of new members during his official visit on Monday, September 18, 2017.
The District Governor, who was accompanied on the official visit by the District Secretary, Rotarian Segun Adewakun and some other District leaders, was received by the President of the Rotary Club of Surulere North-East, Rotarian Joel Adekunle Ogunlade, past Presidents, Board members and other members of the club.
In his assessment of the club’s report, the DG commended Rotary Club of Surulere North-East on the number of membership ranging between the age brackets of 40 and below.
He also pointed out that the club’s total number of membership could be improved and urged them to bring in new members, especially female members and those within the age brackets of 40 and below.
The Governor stated the need for the club to devise new ways of making their meeting activities fun and interesting as this will not only attract young and new members, but will also help to retain existing members.
He also advised that meeting sessions should not be complicated. Rather, meeting sessions should be an avenue for the club members to deliberate on topics in details.
Citing an example with the Rotary Club of Ikeja’s membership handbook which contains the club’s weekly activities, the Governor encouraged the Rotary Club of Surulere North East’s board members to tread the same path by making such kind of handbook available for members.
Noting that mentorship is an essential tool used in retaining new members, he further encouraged the club mentors to set good examples for the new members to emulate and keep their enthusiasm for the club alive.
According to the DG, “Membership is key in Rotary. Without members, Rotary is gone. If we must do what Rotary wants us to do, then we must increase membership.” The impact of membership in fulfilling Rotary’s mandate is vital, he further told the club members.
The DG also explained that low membership leads to lesser amount of funds and ideas to be generated, thereby limiting the number of projects to be executed.
Responding to the District Governor’s observation, the board members of the Rotary Club of Surulere North-East promised to work together on membership, targeted towards young and vibrant members.
The high point of the DG’s visit to the Rotary Club of Surulere North-East was the induction of 13 new members into the Rotary family.
While inducting the new members, the DG commended the club for the membership growth and also advised the new members to make their presence felt in their community by helping to fill the gap created by government.