Posted by Elizabeth Edozie on Feb 18, 2024
Rotary International, District 9110 led by the District Governor, Rtn. Ifeyinwa Ejezie has just hosted 2024 Rotary Convention during which Lagos state government called for stronger collaboration between the government and non-governmental organizations like Rotary.
The Rotary National Convention is a biennial event which bring together Rotarians and district leaders from across the four Rotary districts in Nigeria which include District 9125, District 9141, and District 9142. This edition of the convention which had in attendance high profile Nigerians and Rotarians across the country was held between Thursday, February 15 and Sunday, February 18, 2024 at Lagos Airport Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Gracing the occasion was the the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Dr. Obafemi Kadri Hamzat who centered his keynote address on the topic, "Quest for Collaboration between Non-government Organization and Government and National Development".
He began his speech by recognizing the roles that Rotary club has been playing in our country, at the local, state, and national level. "It is well acknowledged especially your seven focal points; maternal and child health, supporting the environment, building peace and prevention of conflict, basic education and literacy, disease prevention and treatment, water, sanitation, and hygiene, as well as community and economic development which have been globally organized and acknowledged as a worthy contribution to the wellbeing of humanity".
Noting that organizations like Rotary have been playing a lot of roles, he shared his thoughts on the role such organizations can further play giving the current situations around the world. "I know that for over 110 years, Rotary people of action have used their passion, energy and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects. Over time, your focal point has been literacy, water supply, and of course communal peace, that is working to better our world. I know for a fact that Rotary club is committed to global peace starting from the local level which of course graduates to national level", he said.
Speaking further, he said, "It is my belief that this type of gathering of highly distinguished and accomplished Nigerians must surely offer experience, and an invaluable one at that for those of us in government whose responsibility involve ensuring the wellbeing of the citizens whom they represent. I am hopeful that the convention will showcase your efforts, and successes as well as area of challenges we can all learn from. I wish to emphasize the role that you have taken up through various community-based intervention seems to me to be worthy of our attention and offer a reservoir of knowledge that government can share.
"It can be recalled in your commitment and dedication to seeing the end of polio and other diseases. If critically examined, initiatives as provided above, if critically examined, aligns with what many governments either at state, local government or even national tends to do. I believe that more collaboration between us will enhance the general performance and successful delivery of good governance to our people.
"As we all know, no government in the world possess all the necessary capacity to provide for the development need of our people, hence; in areas where government intervention is inadequate due to lack of resources, non-governmental organizations like Rotary have always tried to fill the gap by contributing towards the development of such areas. The outstanding contributions of various non-governmental organizations worldwide, particularly in Africa can never be overemphasized", he said.
He however urged organizations like Rotary to coordinate better to assist in addressing hunger, poverty, illiteracy, diseases, and many other issues affecting humanity as government is offering support on various issues affecting our citizens. He vwas also decorated as an Honorary Rotarian by District Governor Ejezie.
The convention featured other fun activities such as all white cocktail dinner, cultural display, among others.