Posted by Elizabeth Edozie on Jul 23, 2020
The Rotary Club of Falomo has renovated Addo-Langbasa Community Health Centre in Ajah, Lagos. 
The health centre which has benefited from the club's numerous projects which includes a brand new generator donated by the club to the hospital last year, had its wall re-painted and its floors modernized with interlocking blocks.
The newly renovated hospital building was commissioned by the District Governor, Bola Oyebade on Thursday, July 23. Mrs Olagunju Adejoke, the Chief Nursing Officer was present alongside Dr. Babalola Oluwatobi, the Acting Medical Officer for Health.
The club president, Peter Nwaochei stated that the health centre was adopted by the club the very first time the club visited the centre for needs assessment. "We noticed that in Addo, there is no medical facility like this, so we decided that in my year, we will take up this place and renovate it to something very healthy; that is why you have seen", said the club president.
"We still intend to fix the water facility year and also look at some of their internal needs, because they have a lot of internal needs. In fact, this facility is my STAR (major) project for my Rotary year.
Dr. Oluwatobi, in his remarks appreciated the club members for their assistance. He noted that the Rotary club, last year, commissioned a water treatment plant at Badore Primary Health Centre and has also renovated that of Adoo-Langbasa. 
In his words, "If you see the picture of this place before this renovation, you will agree with me that there is a great transformation. Indeed, we appreciate the Rotary club and I want to beg them to continue to do this because investing in health care will make essential health services available to the people in the community and beyond that, you are investing in the future"
"Of coure children go to hospitals for immunization and if you don't have a good environment, the service will not be okay. In fact, some of these things will reduce the flow of patients but with a beautiful environment like this and the quality of service that will be rendered by such facility, it will go a long way in increases the flow of patients and of course, a good working environment", Dr. Oluwatobi concluded.
In another news, the club facilitated the chattering  of Interact club of Falomo which majorly comprises participants of the 2019 Rotary Youths Leadership Awards. The charter certificate was officially presented to the Rotaract Club President by DG Oyebade.